Goals, College, & Future Fashion Plans

Hi All,

So, my muslin skirt was graded…I got a C+. Although I normally don’t think that’s a good grade, I thought it was actually pretty generous. My darts weren’t where they were supposed to be and the front darts were reallyyyyyyy messed up. I began the muslin bodice last class and so far so good. (I want to get higher than a C+ :o])

I was super duper excited because after class I went to Buffalo Exchange and found a coat for $11.50! ($11.50!!!!!!) It’s a cropped blue swing jacket with big black buttons that looks like it’s from the 1960s. I was shocked when the tag read Forever 21.

I want to be a designer or a stylist, possible a buyer. I don’t know if a buyer is too corporate for me though. I don’t wait to wear a suit. That’s so not me. A designer is my dream job. But I need to become a master sewer. The idea that you can get paid to create your dream wardrobe really appeals to me. A stylist is also a great career, but it’s mostly freelance. I don’t feel comfortable not being financially stable. I would like to work for a company if I were a stylist unless I get a strong core base of clients.


designer: have an apartment in NYC, get noticed, work really hard to get to show at Fashion Week

stylist: have an apartment in NYC, have a few repeat clients, begin to have relationships with designers

buyer: have an apartment in NYC, no longer an associate byer

*10 YEARS*

designer: have successfully showed at Fashion Week

stylist: established relationships with designers, becoming more well known (this takes time…)

buyer: buyer for women’s apparel for top department store such as Saks or Bloomingdale’s

*20 YEARS*

designer: top designer, regularly shows at Fashion Week every season ($$$)

stylist: high profile clients and established relationships with PR/designers

buyer: head buyer for top department store

My dream college is FIT. I think I will major in Fashion Design or Fashion Merchandising. I definitely need to take a business class to see if that side of the industry interests me. I also want to know how to draw different poses and get even better. What are your plans?


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