Manhattan As My Playground

Manhattan as my play ground.

Okay, so if you’ve been reading my blogs, by now you probably get that when I’m not at FIT, I’m constantly doing art projects, working, sewing, and trying to keep up with my high school classes. There’s a lot of overwhelming aspects to senior year, but my afternoons in downtown Manhattan aren’t one of them.  Even if I’m going solo, I always love to wander around and relax.

As far as hangouts go, it’s hard to carry all my supplies around the city, so I tend to stay close. My all-time favorite place to eat is Rosa’s Pizza across the street, but there are so many good places. I usually grab whoever I can from my classes to go with me to Starbucks, too. It sounds strange, but I go to Dunkin’ for coffee before class, and Starbucks on our break for tea. I have yet to check out the school’s cafeteria, but it’s on my to-do list for this semester.

As for fun, I could spend hours in the art supply/book store across the street. However, being an art student, this applies to all art stores and fabric stores. I also love the FIT museum. I’ve seen several exhibits throughout the years, and although eclectic and different from one another, they are always inspiring. I’m almost positive the current Daphne Guinness exhibit is my favorite so far.

When I take two classes at FIT which have an hour in between, I love to walk around. I always go to Buffalo Exchange or the Goodwill, which i’ve found amazing deals at. Besides, I love shopping and having to hunt around for things is a good way to keep from spending too much. I found a Guess denim vest for $4 last Spring, a Zara sweater for $7, and a Diane Von Furstenburg shirt for $22! Since FIT, I’ve become an expert thrifter.


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