A service provider’s experience hiring another service provider.
Part 2

Last post, Gabriel talked about his overall experience. In this post, he discusses specific examples of how he learned to trust the firm he hired.

“I wrote copy for my bio which various respected colleagues and literary acquaintances strongly approved.  Holtzman’s team didn’t like it though and we went back and forth quite a few times.  Finally I let go, trusting that, hey, THEY’RE in the business, marketing copy has a different purpose than regular copy and in general, less is more.

I wish I’d hired a professional photographer but I didn’t. Every image and detail is important so there’s no point having anything that’s just OK or acceptable.

Their design guy, Andy Cialone, was amazing and intuitively created the perfect overall look and design.  My specialty is CranioSacral Therapy. Andy came up with a gorgeous deep blue wave on top and green stones lining the bottom, loosely bringing to mind a vertebral column.  It wonderfully captures an essence of my work as if he knew what I wanted more than I did!

The same was true in the editing of my copy as well as the overall layout. The final product came out attractive and engaging, clean, simple and un-fussy.

Their all important search engine services were all excellent and one more time challenged my trusting.  It took a good 6 months but I’m not paying any pay-per-click or ad fees and am at, or near, the top if you Google CranioSacral NY or CranioSacral NYC – in the long run I’ve made my investment!

In closing, my advice is: choose a top notch company then get out of the way and let them do what they’re experts at!”

Sandra Holtzman teaches CEO 035: Licensing.


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