Children’s Wear Senior Class: Backtrack – Prepping for the Critic’s Visit

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Jihaeng ruffling for her skirt!

So this past Wednesday, our critic Bonnie Young visited to make her picks and make tweaks for what she wanted to be sent down for judging. But hold on a minute, what exactly happened before that?

So what exactly goes into prepping for the Critic’s visit?

Running around like a beheaded chicken. No, I’m just joking. Basically you just want to show your best work possible, bottom line. For some that brings more stress than others. I think my fellow Children’s Wear gals handled everything pretty well, and there were many who really exceeded expectations, at least in my opinion.

Contrary to popular belief, Children’s Wear is NOT the “easy specialization”. It’s not the one you chose just because you want an easy time. Proportions are important. You have to think in a totally different way from Women’s Wear. It’s extremely technical as well (excellent pattern making skills are KEY.) One huge plus side to Children’s Wear though is yay less fabric yardage! But don’t get me wrong, it is less stressful. If you’re considering Children’s Wear, go for it!

Now for photos! Let’s see some more of what everyone was up to in the weeks leading to the critic’s visit as well as some garments you may have never seen…

(You can click on the photos to make them larger by the way!)

Jihaeng’s skirt and leggings. Sparkles and grommets!

Made a bow for my dress! Was a hair accessory, but now it’s actually going on my dress, haha.

Casey’s surrealist jacket and pants set. There’s also a cute matching top and pant set under there! Casey isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of style for Children, innovation is very important in this industry.

The amount of student work I have to share is limitless! Stay tuned, in my next post I will be showcasing something different, Boys fashion! You thought it was girls girls girls? Nope, we do have a few boys garments over here in C706, *Hint: Get a teeny preview of that back over at the Fitting Post here! 

Fashion Show judging is actually this week (yikes, hell week!), but I’ll have full coverage of that a bit later on, so look out for that too, but for now, shameless plugs for the Children’s Wear family! We’ve worked hard and everyone will be sure to see.

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