Children’s Wear Senior Class: Fitting Fun

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Helen’s dress muslin.

A couple weeks ago we had our fittings! It was difficult at times, for many of us had to make several adjustments to our muslin prototypes in order to get the best final fit for later.

The little girl we had for Size 5 was so patient, quiet, and sweet. We couldn’t ask for a better little model. Then there was a little Size 5 boy, another cutie, who was also sweet but got a little tired after awhile. Luckily not many of us were making garments for boys.

We also had a Size 10 girl, that only one student, Alyssa, needed. All the rest of us are doing Size 5 girl or boy and mainly girl

Here are a few photos from our fitting session with the adorable fit models.

Our little Size 5 model getting fitted by Jihaeng.

Size 5 Boy getting fitted for Chelsea’s tailored jacket.

Our Size 10 model getting ready to be fitted by Alyssa.

After our fitting, we all adjusted our patterns, tweaked some things, and once that was done we could begin cutting fabrics!

Here’s a preview of the fabrics I’ll be working with and my designs, along with the muslin prototype of my first design. Note that my second dress will be sleeveless (no it doesn’t have two different sleeves! I was trying out options.)

I have 3 garments total, a dark blue velveteen peplum jacket, a dark blue brocade dress, and a dusty blue cotton shift dress with gold lace applique. The first garment is strictly for Fashion Show and the other is for the Cotton Inc. design contest that all of us in Children’s Wear are required to participate.

At this point, pretty much all of us have began sewing something. It’s all coming together! Look out for my next post to see some garment progress! I will be documenting everyones work until show day. Stay tuned!

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