Spring cleaning, in 3-D

pair of 3-D printed earrings mimicking traditional Russian style

Hi, everyone!

Spring is finally coming to New York City! With the warmer temps, we’re also doing some cleaning and reorg here at Volumes & Issues.

After 4+ years of Magazines of the Week, we are shifting that feature to our Instagram feed. Hopefully you follow us there already, but just in case you don’t… our feed is at @fitnyclibrary.

We’ve been posting regularly once or twice a week. We’re going to slow that down some and only post once every week or every other week, so we can take more time to give you the in depth posts that interest you more. Look for that to begin next week.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a post about inclusive lingerie design companies. To get you warmed up for that, here’s an older post about lingerie companies which incorporate new technology:


Volumes & Issues post on 3-D tech applications for lingerie


Woman holding up 3-D printed bra pieces

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