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Mix magazine cover art

Welcome back! This week’s magazine, Mix, is the publication of the Colour Hive, a London-based color forecasting agency. It is published 4 times a year. Mix focuses primarily on color, materials and finishes for the interiors and graphic design markets.

Mix concept page in blues, purples and golds



Colour Hive provides directional photography, color palettes by materials, related art direction and trend-related still-life photography, and social-media copy writing. These materials are produced by their trend reporting and forecasting team.






Mix concepts for surface textures





The magazine offers color palettes which develop seasonally illustrated with inspirational images. Color reporting offers regional variation. Pantone numbers accompany colors for ease of access. Sections on lighting, textiles, high street (fashion), accessories, illustrating broader trends within niche categories and in specific material applications.



Mix concepts in lighting



Each issue presents forecasts organized in larger concepts, such as “mask” and “parade”. These are then presented throughout the issue illustrated with stunning images.


The Colour Hive blog

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