Color to fight January grays

Holi festival people covered in pigment
Holi festival in India. Photo by Poras Chaudhary for Smithsonian.


Here in NYC it’s dreary, dark and gray. I thought talking about color would be a good way to prepare for Spring 2019.

I’ve written a lot about color lately, especially the symbolism of colors in clothing. In the graphic design and garment manufacturing worlds, colors have to come from somewhere. The FIT Library subscribes to multiple color services to make these colors accessible to our students.

One of the new services was begun by WGSN, a major fashion news and forecasting site in London. (Note that you must be a student or teacher at FIT to see the site.) Coloro, like Munsell, is designed after a 3-d model of how color, shade, and tint work. Coloro describes their system, based on intensity of chroma, lightness of tint and darkness of shade, in depth here: Coloro: our system

3d graphic of color, shade and tint


Announcement of new color service Coloro

The set of books that comprise Coloro is enormous, and they attempt to offer the largest color and shade range of any color standards service in business, based on the science of color. Here are the books in the FIT Library, on the 4th floor in PERS:

Several of the Coloro color service binders


FIT students, faculty, and staff can use these by coming to the 4th floor Periodicals and Electronic Serials desk and presenting their current FIT ID.

Coloro book of purples arranged by hue, tint, and shade.
Coloro book of purples arranged by hue, tint, and shade.


What’s cooler, though, is that they have some color tools on their website that are free to play with. Here you can have some fun with these yourself: Coloro: Color Workspace


Sophicolor books in Periodicals dept. shelves



Our other new service is very different in conception and in character. It’s specifically aimed at the fashion design industry. The ranges of color are hand dyed, varied and themed. One book has a botanicals theme, the next a celestial brights theme.

Sophicolor product line






Sophicolor page of yellows and oranges


What’s especially gorgeous at Sophicolor are their site visuals. In particular, I encourage you to follow their Instagram page, which you can link to from their site:

Sophicolor home site





We hope that January weather doesn’t get you down!






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