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Hole & Corner magazine cover

This week’s MoW, Hole & Corner, is published 2 times a year, in Dorset, England. It was launched in 2013 by Sam Walton, an art director who worked at Vogue UK, Elle Decoration, and World of Interiors (not to be confused with the department store magnate from Oklahoma). His goal was to create a print space to celebrate the kind of makers he came across in his new home in rural Dorset, England. He described being fascinated with “the processes involved in creating products and even the length of time people had devoted to their trade or craft.”* With Hole & Corner, Walton wanted to shine some light onto “subjects that generally aren’t really reported with any style in the press.”*

Close up of the hands of potter Stephanie Buttle



This title comes from the same cultural impulse as Kinfolk and Frankie, focusing on a slower (richer?) lifestyle where people work with their hands. Walton self-consciously celebrates “craft, beauty, passion, and skill”**. Hole & Corner is more Brit-centric and more concentrated on professional makers and motivations than the other two. As with William Morris’ production dilemma, however, the makers featured here likely cannot afford to own the objects they’ve created. Consequently, this magazine had a tinge of Town & Country exclusivity about it.



Shelves in a ceramics workshop


Walton created a beautiful publication using his industry contacts, and deliberately choosing a larger format to highlight the photography. From a review in Esquire: “alongside titles such as Kinfolk, it heads a new genre of publications combining the rich visuals of style magazines with what you might call more thoughtful content.”**

The Hole & Corner website

*Coolhunting blog interview with Walton in 2013

**Esquire UK 2015 article on the fashion for handmade lifestyles


Colorful balcony with wrought iron railings

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