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Hi, everyone! This will be our last MoW until September, to give me a chance to write some longer content to take us through fall.

British edition of Brides magazine (cover)After the royal wedding, and those of several friends, I’m feeling all romantic and stuff. June has long been the month associated with weddings, so this week’s MoW will be Brides, the British edition.

"Downtown" bridal party layout with kids from Brides UK


Brides UK is a continuation of the title Brides & Setting Up Home, which was founded in 1955.  We have holdings going back to 1973. It was originally published 2x a year, in a Spring/Summer, then a Fall/Winter issue. Drawing editorial content from both Vogue UK and House & Garden UK, the first issue set out, “to help you to look and to live the way you want.”

By 1961, the title was published 4x/year. The photographer David Bailey began his career with Brides then, as well, becoming synonymous with the title’s cover shots.


Hat choices for mothers of the bride, from Brides UK magazine



As the bridal industry grew, so did the magazine. By the May/June 1986 issue, it was  published every 2 months, and has continued as a bi-monthly since. Conde Nast acquired the publication in 1995.

Some history of Brides & Setting Up Home magazine

This title includes many of the same features as the American edition: hundreds of gown ads, month by month to do lists, bridesmaid’s dress ads, housewares, mother-of-the bride tips, and even guest-wear suggestions.

Menswear selections from Brides UK magazine



Despite these similarities this title has a lighter tone than Brides (American). Also, because it’s English, there are regular sections on pretty and appropriate  special-occasion hats.

The difference in editorial tone springs from several sources.  The clothing sales pitches are not aimed just at the bride.  The editorial and ads include a lot of items for children, grooms (lots of menswear, formal and otherwise!), and bridesmaids.


stripe dress



This magazine also includes regular articles and advertising aimed at chic mothers of brides.This saucy dress is a great inspiration for the FD Draping 2nd semester Stripe Project! Another highlight of this title is the wealth of British designers featured throughout.





Editorial layout of quirky tableware from Brides UK




As we’d expect, the title also has plenty of layouts showing elegant china and table settings, or cosy breakfast nooks. The plentiful ads for current housewares are another reason we maintain this subscription.




Real wedding party with umbrellas from Brides UK




Maybe it’s that more actual weddings are depicted in this title, or maybe it’s the cheekiness of the English ads, but in this mag, weddings seem to be less staged commercial enterprises and more fun for the whole family.





Brides UK website

Vogue UK and Brides UK’s joint content

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