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A few weeks ago, I began pulling covers to scan for Women’s History Month (March, as you know). I found few covers featuring anyone older and darker-skinned than Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ryan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that these two young, tough, and beautiful women are being recognized for their talent. But pop culture, especially pop music influences magazine coverage heavily. And 2017s Top-40 had lots of dynamic women of color.

I thought it would be worth the trouble to give a shout out to a few titles on our big Display shelf (it’s just been expanded) who used non-blond, non-model women on their covers this month.

fashion magazine cover


First of all is CR Book, the 2x/year brainchild of Carine Roitfeld. Roitfeld, a former model, made her name in publishing as editor in chief of Vogue Paris. This will be next week’s MoW, where I will write more about her. But it’s worth noting that Roitfeld is addressing the race gap on magazine covers single-handedly. The current issue, #11, has alternate covers featuring Zendaya and Cardi B. Issue 10, which I’ve shown, features model Halima Aden. This cover is significant because she is the first hijab-wearing woman to appear on many fashion magazine covers, as well as to compete in a state beauty pageant.



This was an alternate cover that also featured Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Paris Jackson, and Lara Stone (a somewhat diverse list). The cover before that (#9) was Rihanna. #8’s cover featured Kayla Scott. Definitely paying attention to the current conversation about inclusion.

Halima Aden – why a model wearing a hijab on the cover of Vogue matters

CANDY magazine cover



Next up, we have C*ndy. This title’s whole reason for existing is to celebrate the gender-fluid people, who are somewhere between the male and female ends of the spectrum. Luis Venegas publishes this title from his passion for that in-between space. This title was an MoW a few months ago, and I’ll put that link at the end of this post.





DAZED Magazine Cover




The next title is Dazed (formerly Dazed & Confused), another independent title, with a gorgeous close up of Rihanna. Since Dazed specifically covers the pop-music world, it makes sense that their editorial staff would be more tuned in to current pop stars. Dazed‘s global perspective also helps take them out of the anglocentric U.S. point of view as well.



the gentlewoman cover allison janney




Finally, the Gentlewoman featured Academy Award winner Allison Janney. As a “woman of a certain age”, as they used to call us, it’s refreshing to see a beautiful face that also reflects life’s complexities. It’s easy to believe, if one looks at the media, that women just disappear after they turn 35. We know that’s not true, so howabout a little representation, editors?




Happy Spring, everyone!

Solange on the cover of Surface Magazine last month:

FIT Blog Post

More info about C*ndy, from its MoW:

FIT Blog Post





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