Technical difficulties and spring break

FIT campus was deserted yesterday because of spring break.

Hi, everyone,

Welcome back! Over the weekend our college IT team migrated our entire server room to a new building, which necessitated moving and upgrading all of our systems. This is why we have been invisible since last Friday. But we’re back now!

Because it’s spring break and quiet around here, I thought I would leave you with some old MoWs to look through. Over the next few weeks, I have some other cool articles planned, as you will see.

Image by M.P. King, MN State Archives


I’ll be reviewing a bunch of books by Nancy Zieman, as a way of paying homage on the occasion of her passing last fall. I’m also working on a post about the proliferation of independent magazines which began in a single person’s living room. I’ve got a few interesting titles to highlight there.



Image from Fisher Scientific supply house



I’ll will also be writing about synthetic fibers and their discovery in the 1940s-60s, and a short bio on the House of Versace. Lots of cool stuff to look forward to, but I still have to write a lot of it!







First I thought I would send you back in time to some of my favorite Mags of the Week. Something old…

Something newer…

And something to write home about…

Have a wonderful spring holiday!

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