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juxt cvr

This week’s magazine focuses on the graphic design and art worlds.  It was begun 1994 by a group of artists, among them Robert Williams and Eric Swenson. Their intention was to provide a print venue for the southern California subcultures of hot-rod and graffiti art, pop art, street art, lowbrow art, and other “outsider” genres. Readers of the magazine emphasize the magazine’s distance from the traditional fine-art world jargon and pretension.

juxt liberty


Juxtapoz is published by High Speed Productions in San Francisco, California. This is the same company that publishes Thrasher, a magazine for skateboarders. The magazine maintains its reputation for colorful, fun, and whimsical material. In the last few years, it has maintained the highest circulation stats of any of the current art-market magazines.



This title’s website expands the founders’ vision further, including a video section, a fashion section, a graffiti section, and a music section, as well as offering a wider scope of more standard categories such as photography, illustration, painting, and sculpture. The current issue has a big layout on Oscar de la Renta, because of the retrospective of his work that just opened at the De Young Museum in San Francisco.



Come take a look!

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