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Encens is published 2x/year in Paris by photographer Sybille Walter and fashion designer Samuel Drira. The title is super glossy and has very little, but very high end advertising. The editors focus on the visual properties of fashion, particularly exquisite photography.



Walter’s art direction embraces the current minimalism with a twist of richer color and texture, and a global point of view. Her layouts present the clothes clearly and lovingly, as art objects for the body. These alternate with interviews of designers and other fashion world insiders. The text is tiny, elegant, and bilingual, in French and English. Her hope, expressed in the editorial of the above issue, that it reflects the “atmosphere of a parallel world.”






Encens is probably our most elusive title, in that there has been nearly no online commentary about it that I could find. The word “encens” is French for an incense or perfume used in a religious context.

Come take a look!






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