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This week I wanted to highlight a title that I use often for the library’s social media posts. Fast Company is a business magazine with a focus on innovation, especially in interface and product design.  This magazine, which is published 8x/year here in New York City, is focused upon something all our lives depend upon: how business is changing. FIT is first and foremost a business school, then an art and design school, Of all our titles, Fast Company may be the one that most closely addresses FIT’s mission.


Fast Company magazine article


Like many magazines these days, this title is essentially a media company that uses its online presence to augment the costs and limitations of the older print format. In the last 10 newsworthy years, innovation has often been tech based, and Fast Company’s reporting reflects this. I repost their articles on design research or tech innovations on FIT’s Facebook page often, for example. Their editorial focuses on leadership in new and successful companies, as well as new business ideas and the intersection of business and design, which fascinates me.



fast company infrastructure article


Fast Company is a magazine of ideas to help people work smarter and lead better,” said John A. Byrne when he took over the title in 2003, after the bust. “The front of the magazine has been redesigned with an emphasis on clear-headed articles that reflect current business realities. We want to do this in a way that is more irreverent and fun, more edgy than Forbes, Fortune or BusinessWeek are,” he said.  Founded in 1995 by two editors from the Harvard Business Review, the title was closely associated with the internet boom of the late ’90s and suffered when the industry crashed.



fast company article on smart factories



Fast Company’s website reflects the fast-paced, Buzzfeed-version of the world, where new things are show up in short videos, dramatic photos and dynamic lists. Still, it’s a lot more entertaining to get one’s business news from this title. And it’s relentless focus on the New! Change! Up & Coming! reflects the internet universe pretty squarely.






Fast Company

THE MEDIA BUSINESS: ADVERTISING; Fast Company’s New Life in the Slow Lane

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