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This week Vogue Paris is the MoW because they were current-thinking enough to put Rihanna on the cover in the midst of the Grammy madness. I’ve written a lot about the foreign Vogues here, here and here. But today I’m talking about inclusivity, the music industry, and publishers that get it. The Grammy Awards were in New York Sunday a week past, and that makes it a local fashion event and worthy of comment, right?


In case you were wondering, Vogue Paris is the French edition of the American fashion publication Vogue. It was launched in June 1920 (almost 100 years ago!), and is published monthly. We have issues going back to 1965. If you need older issues, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Library has them going back to 1947 (appointment necessary).







Like the American edition, Vogue Paris highlights music, the art scene, and other cultural markers, as well as selling pages and pages of high-end advertising. This issue is a love letter to Rihanna, featuring her in nearly every layout. It’s hard to say if this had anything to do with the upcoming Grammy awards, or if Rihanna just continues to be such a hot commodity that editors counted on the sales her cover story would bring.




Backstage at the Grammys, pic from @MikeSington

Vogue editors were not alone in this. Even the kids of pop stars have heroes (as in *not* their parents). One of the best moments at the Grammy awards ceremony was backstage, when P!nk got to introduce her daughter, Willow Hart, to the pop star. Kudos to Rihanna’s uber-class act, posing for pics with Willow and her mom!

It’s worth noting that the two celebrities who won the Grammys last week were both under the age of 7:

I will leave you with Blue Ivy shushing her parents, Jayzee and Beyonce’, for talking over Camila Cabello’s speech. This girl has inherited her parents’ aplomb and then some!

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