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Hi, everyone! It’s your Magazine of the Week!

The first and foremost reason this is this week’s Mag of the Week is to remind you to go see the Museum at FIT’s current exhibition Expedition before it comes down on January 6th. It’s so cool that this mag used the Exhibition poster for their cover this Nov/Dec 2017 issue! Plus it’s a super cool wintry image, isn’t it?


Selvedge is published six times a year in London, United Kingdom. It was begun in 2003 by Polly Leonard, an embroiderer, weaver, and freelance editor. Leonard created a magazine that championed textile arts and artists while putting a visually sumptuous,  creatively inspiring publication into consumer hands. Using her editorial skills and artist contacts, she began the title by making up a single-sheet prospectus and distributing it at a textile show This got her the subscriptions (roughly 5000!!) she needed to put the magazine into production.



The magazine is a combination of gorgeous inspirational magazine, like Bloom, with anthropological articles, like a textile-focused National Geographic, on historic makers and art reviews of textile-based artists, like Parkett or 032c. Selvedge’s website describes this, “dedicated to finding and nurturing textiles from every angle. We believe that textiles unite all humanity and in a surveying the development of society it is clear that from the spider’s web to the world wide web, textiles appear as the protagonist.”



The internet has made it possible for the Selvedge world to expand into a carefully designed shop specializing in textile art objects and decorative home goods. These have a similar hand-crafted, minimalist aesthetic to the Alabama Studio style and other contemporary titles I’ve reviewed here, such as Oh, Comely, Frankie, and Cereal.






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