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Hi, everyone! Welcome to our special holiday edition of MoW!

Today we have movie star glamour to celebrate the holidays. As I’ve mentioned before in the MoW, we subscribe to many different editions of Vogue magazine. This week I’m going show you something about one of my favorites, Vogue India.



Conde Nast, the parent company of the Vogue syndicate, launched Vogue India in 2007, after negotiating with the Indian government for complete ownership of the new title. (This move made it the first Indian magazine owned by a non-Indian company.) Despite the foreign financial base, Conde Nast India is managed by a separate, completely Indian team of editors and writers based in Mumbai and New Delhi.








What’s really special about this title, though, isn’t who owns it, but what’s in it. Unlike a lot of the foreign Vogue editions, which report pretty much the same stuff as the American edition, Vogue India really does highlight Indian design sensibilities, celebrities, accessories, and designers. This is especially inspirational in the case of the supplement to this issue, The Vogue Wedding Book 2017.





Indian weddings are a super big deal. They tend to be much more elaborate affairs than the average American wedding, and this title revels in that. Advertising in the main issue involves a lot of wedding jewelry. The wedding supplement itself, however, offers layout after layout of women dressed in the elaborate bridalwear of their culture: red saris and lehengas covered in gold embroidery are set off by elaborate collars of gold, rubies, emeralds and pearls. And the textiles! Even the men are dressed in brocades and colorful silks.





Original managing editor Alex Kuruvilla commented observed that, “there are a million Vogue women in India, each with a high awareness of international luxury, fashion and beauty brands.” What’s exciting is that this title offers the brightest of India’s popular culture of Bollywood and cricket, high fashion and jewelry, to our American eyes for a lot less money than a plane ticket.




I’ve written about other Vogue titles Vogue Sposa, Casa Vogue, Vogue Collections, Vogue Homme, Vogue Pelle, Vogue Bambini, and Vogue Patterns as MoWs as well. A quick search will take you to those articles.



I also wrote about Bollywood stars on the runway at the Cannes Film Festival this past summer:

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