Art Resources Lab, now on 6!

The library just opened a new space on the 6th floor. It’s called the Art Resources Lab or ARL. There are all kinds of useful things for your projects both up there on 6, and at the 5th floor Access Services Desk. We’ve already hosted several library programs there, but it’s open the whole time the library is open. The tools available include:

  • Several light tables
  • Overhead digital projector
  • Analog opaque projector
  • Dedicated wall for large work documentation
  • Copy stand
  • Basic photographic equipment (for check out at the Circulation Desk)

You should know that it’s forbidden to eat or drink up there, and that you are responsible (financially and ethically) for any equipment you sign out. To find out more, look here:

We offer a lot of tools to help you with your art projects, especially if they involve photography. For more details on the tools you can borrow to use in the library, read this:

Here’s the form to request tools and resources. Turn this in to the 5th floor Access Services Desk to get what you need:

The space is also being used for Maker Minds: a series of projects run by the FIT library and the IT for FIT departments. Today there was a project to build things with Lego plastic blocks. There’s also a biiiiigg chalk board up there in case you want to doodle large and in color while the ideas for that latest project swirl around in your head.

Here are some of the creations people made:


Looks like someone is excited about the new Star Wars movie.






These projects look more like architectural forms. Someone studying the pyramids at Machu Picchu in their History of Art class?

There is also chalk so you can come doodle on the big black board. The space isn’t quite finished, but it’s turned out to be a nice place to get your hands dirty. Come by and take a look!




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