They’re done! #ChalkFIT 2017

Hi, all! I’m working on a longer post for next week, but I wanted to shout out our last-semester Illustration students one more time for the lovely work they’ve done on the FIT facade.


The ChalkFIT project is back on 7th Avenue this year and a tiny bit along 26th and 28th streets. Last year, if you recall, the students got larger spaces along 28th street, and used paint. But 28th street doesn’t get as much traffic as 7th Avenue, so that took some of the fun out of the project, don’t you think?







I gave it a lot of space last week, but I just wanted to let you know that the students have finished their blocks and campus looks amazing! The theme this year is “Dreams”. So cool to see how the students interpreted that idea so many different ways.

As I said last week, this is one of my favorite FIT student events because their creativity and the work they’ve invested into developing their skills here shows so publicly.

Just please, students, don’t be hurt if I didn’t get pics of your work. I tried to get everyone, but I didn’t have time to get pictures of it all. If anyone wants these images, email me at [email protected], and I’ll share.

Next week, back to the history of technology developments in textiles! I started to research the effects of technology on textile developments, and the post kept growing. So more when I get that shaped into coherence.

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