Fashion’s Fanciest Night Out

I nearly forgot! Amongst all the reference questions and magazine research today, I nearly forgot that this evening is the Met Gala! This year the party is in honor of Rei Kawakubo, one of our Word-Worthy Women. That guarantees that the red carpet for this event will display some unusual and challenging treasures, as well as the usual collection of brilliant near-misses. In order that we be able to discuss this together tomorrow, I bring back our red carpet bingo card. Stream it tonight, let’s snark about it tomorrow! (You can see it here, too. And here.)

(You can also read the Costume Institute’s conservator, Sarah Scaturro’s interview about the show here. She’s a grad of the FIT Museum Studies program in the Graduate Division.)


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  1. Kira says:

    Fashion is not to offer what you are nothing, but fashion is available to offer positive vibes in your mentality, it helps to remain cool, calm and discover unique things in the life. Fashion makes you what you are not, but it makes you what you are and what counts you inside.

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