Magazine of the Week

Welcome back!

This week’s magazine of the week is Yoga Journal, to help you get all mellow and rested for your new school year. While we have discontinued our subscription to this, we have issues from December 2003 through June 2015.

This title was begun in 1975 by the California Yoga Teachers Association. Their goal for the magazine was to “create a magazine that would unite the growing yoga community and provide material that combines the essence of classical yoga with the latest understandings of modern science.”

The title grew with the popularity of yoga practice, so that by the 1990s, it reached circulation of roughly 66,000. In 1998 it was purchased by a former investment banker, and revamped. Yoga Journal, freshly redesigned, was relaunched in 2000. Since then, circulation has continued to grow, reaching roughly a million paid subscriptions at current.


As one would expect, the title includes many articles on yoga poses and variations on yogic practice. It also includes letters to yoga experts from readers, recipes for healthy living, reviews of teachers across the world, coverage of yoga events, and how-to videos. We purchased it so that we would have images of active sportswear in this category, but the internet has fixed that shortage.

Like most current magazines, the title maintains a Twitter feed, a Facebook page, feeds on Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, and etc.


Come take a look! And wishing you a calm, strong spring semester!

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