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Merry Christmas and Happy Channukah and Happy Kwanzaa and a whole lot of other festive times!

VOGUE Bambini Cover Winter 2016

Vogue Bambini spread children picnic

Being the FIT Library, we subscribe to many editions of Vogue. Vogue Bambini just happens to be one of the most distinct ones. It is published 6x/year by the Conde Nast International and it’s one of their few titles for the childrenwear market.

Conde Nast began publishing this title in 1973. Although it is bilingual Italian and English, they promote it in all of their major markets: Europe, Russia, Japan, the U.S., the Middle East, and Latin America.

VOGUE Bambini

This title is mainly aimed at upscale parents of small children, but the pages are bright and colorful as though the publishers also expected kids to read them:

VOGUE Bambini spread on talent and hip hop

There are a lot fewer resources for designers working in childrenswear, so here is the list of all the periodicals we have that do:

FIT Periodicals – Childrenswear

May your holiday season bring you childlike joy and good adult-needed rest!







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