Making a List!

new-books-1These are some of the books the library has bought recently, on display in the 5th floor reading room just outside the E509 computer lab.

It has become very fashionable to print coffee table books about fashion wearers, creators, photographers, and purveyors. We are amused that this has made New York Magazine’s The Cut blog:

The 13 Greatest Fashion Books to Give This Year

Which books are on your Christmas list? Mine has a few exhibition catalogs, including the one for the Museum at FIT’s current exhibit on Proust’s Muse. The blog has some great images, so that you can enjoy the clothes even if you can’t get to NYC this month.



Another catalog I want is this one from the gorgeous exhibition at the Met a few years ago, on Impressionism and Fashion.







This beautiful book was written by the lovely April Calahan, who works in the SPARC area of the library.






This is another gorgeous book that the library just bought. Updated information on art in England besides Holbein. I would love to own it, but now the library does!






The library is buying new books all the time! You can take a look at the list in StyleCat or we put them on display in the 5th floor reading room. Come take a look!


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