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domino has returned triumphant! Or at least with a enough money to publish for another while.



This shelter magazine developed a passionate following it’s debut in the spring of 2005. It was Conde Nast’s offering into a pool of new independent magazines that mixed interior design, do-it-yourself projects, as well as advice on cooking and fashion. More colorful than Martha Stewart Living, more accessible than Architectural Digest, and more mainstream than Dwell, this title soon gathered a community of followers with Pinterest boards, Flikr accounts, and shelter-oriented blogs.





domino was so popular that when Conde Nast announced its death in the recession of 2009 (along with old standards Modern Bride and Gourmet), fans put together a Flikr account to keep all the images from the magazine available.

This popularity drove Conde Nast and the original creator of the magazine, Beth Brenner, to put together a smaller team of investors to relaunch the magazine in 2013.



This time the title has a dynamic website, with a lot of “click-through” content, allowing the reader to purchase the items the editors have presented. Brenner insists that the sales angle is driven by the editorial content, and that the title is not simply an artsy catalog from your favorite trendy furniture store. I encourage you to evaluate that claim for yourself. Come take a look!

Domino Magazine

Five Questions for the New Domino Magazine

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