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cd-world-cvrThis week I’m going to talk about 3D World, one of our computer graphics titles. It is published by Future Plc, in Bath, United Kingdom, and it comes out 13 times a year.




3D World aims to foster talent in the computer graphics world by showcasing talented artists and their work, by a regular stream of “How-to” articles (e.g. “Perfect Hair in Your Portraits”, “Generate Better Cloud Renders”, “Sculpt Embossed Forms for Realism” pictured here, and “The Pro Guide to Textures” in the most recent issues), software reviews, and regular spots highlighting modeling teams from recent films and television.




3D World Magazine

In a world where video gaming generates $23.5 billion a year, driving software and computer hardware sales, as well as creating a corresponding lifestyle, image modeling skills have become a key component of the applied arts. While a lot of the support materials for this topic remain online, there are a few, like 3D World, that retain print components.

From realistically rendered young woman to fantasy avatar:











Not to mention, if you aren’t into image modeling, it is really cool to see how it all works. Come up and take a look!

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