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Welcome back, everyone!

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Welcome back, everybody! It’s a lovely summer day here in NYC, but fall is coming! This week we wanted to let you all know of a big title change coming our way. The popular series Collezioni Close-Up has a new publisher and several new names.

All of the titles that used to be known as Collezioni Close-Up Man or Collezioni Close-Up Woman are now either Fashion Focus Man or Fashion Focus Women. The list of classifications that will be published for women, under the new title, includes:



Fashion Focus Women:

Bags, Beachwear, Bijoux, Outerwear, Evening & Cocktail, Jeans & Sportswear, Knitwear, Leather & Fur, Print & Embroidery, Shoes, and Skirt & Pants.

We are just receiving the first issues of these titles, and they will be processed and available to all by early August.



Fashion Focus Man:

Bags & Accessories, Denim & Street, Formal, Knitwear, Outerwear, Shirt, and Shoes. I wrote about these titles as last week’s Mag of the Week.

Fashion Focus Kids will be the only childrenswear title published now.



All of the Close-Up Runway titles for both men and women will now be Fashion Gallery: “City”. For women, these titles cover Paris, Milan, London, and New York.

A complete listing of all the Collezioni Close-Up titles that we have, plus all the new Fashion Focus and Fashion Galleries titles can be found in the PERS Research Guide to Forecasting and Trends.



ffocus womknit A-W-16-17-1


The new publisher has stopped publishing the following Close-Up classifications/titles:

Accessories: Women, Fashion Textile: Women, Leather & Fur: Men, Runway Berlin, and Runway Bridal.





All of these new titles will live at the PERS desk on the 6th floor in the library, as did their Close-Up predecessors. Come up and take a look!

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