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Hi, everyone!  It’s that time again.

elle rus cvr

Yes, I know most of you can’t read that. It’s in Russian, a language that’s in a completely different alphabet. What’s cool about this title, Elle Russia, is that it’s one of a group of foreign Elles we subscribe to. Our holdings of the original French Elle begin in 1952 , and the American version began in 1985.

Elle (French), like other fashion magazines, has had it’s ups and downs in terms of popularity.  It was considered one of the most influential fashion titles in the 1960s, but by the 1980s, it was drooping a bit. The beginning of the American edition revived its influence and circulation considerably.

rus layout


This title has expanded to publishing 43 international editions in over 60 countries.  In 2013, someone from their distribution company, Publicitas, here in New York, contacted us.  Knowing of FIT, they offered to send us their discarded issues. Since then, we’ve been getting regular gifts from the company. We’re particularly excited about these titles because we feel that seeing sources from around the world offers our students a more global context for their studies.


In order not to miss any issues, we’ve subscribed to the following editions:

Elle Russia

Elle Decor (US)

Elle Decoration (UK)

Elle China

Elle UK

Elle US

Elle France (the original edition)

Elle Spain

Elle Ukraine

Elle Italia

Come take a look!

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