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Welcome back to our weekly spot on magazines to look for.  Today I want to show you a recent issue of an old standby, Communication Arts.

ca cvr

Typography has become a stylish thing to comment upon as the consuming public becomes more aware of the artifice inherent in the world around them.  But loooooong before typefaces were fashionable, Communication Arts was the go-to journal for the designer of any visual creation.  Billing itself as “the premier source of inspiration for everyone involved in visual communications” (CA FBook page) , this title was created in 1959 as The Journal for Commercial Art.

ca samplesIn 1960, the magazine began a competition for work in the graphic arts.  These were juried by professionals working in the advertising and graphic design fields.  Within a few years they had expanded into four annual competitions: Graphic Design, Advertising, Photography, and Illustration.  In 1995 they added an Interactive category.  These contests contribute to the financial well being of the company.

Competitions Application link

Communication Arts



This is the best known of our many graphic-design titles.  You can see the listing of all of them here:

FIT Periodicals: Graphic Design and Illustration

Come take a look!

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