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Welcome back to another Magazine of the Week, brought to you by the friendly people at the PERS desk in the Gladys Marcus Library!  We know it’s a mouthful, but it really just means we love magazines.

Interiors.0928The title Interiors has a funny history.  For a long, long time (1940-2001), it was published by NY Billboard, advertising itself as “the magazine for the contract design professional”.  Then it began a series of merges and name changes, merging and separation from the magazine Contract a few times.  Finally, it ceased in 2001.  But the name was so useful that another company bought the name rights and began a new magazine with this title.  This version is currently published in Chicago, by TS Media, and began with the February/March 2008 issue.

For other magazines that address interior design, look in the “Periodicals by Subject” Research Guide here:

For broader research, using other materials, we offer this Research Guide on interiors here:

Come take a look!

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