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This great layout from Vogue magazine from February 15, 1934 allows me to highlight some super things about our collections here at the FIT Library.

The Gladys Marcus Library specializes in feeding the designer’s mind.  We focus most on clothing and textiles, but we also have universal design, toy design, interior design, and fine arts programs.  We maintain collections like these old Vogues for students to flip through when they’re feeling drained of ideas.

annescan-vog flags

Students from our two largest programs, Fashion Business Management and Fashion Design, might be interested in this page.  The design elements (prints, lanterns, flags) make the article interesting to fashion designers looking for inspiration.  The display highlights seasonal fabrics and vendor names, indicating that this layout is pitched to fashion professionals as well as ladies who will have their clothes made at home.  Advertising & Communication majors have assignments designed to teach the difference between trade ads and consumer ads and editorial like this.


The graphic design of lanterns and flags is an eye-catching way to display the prints and woven textures, offering potential inspiration to graphic designers and textile stylists.



We’ve got something for everyone in the Periodicals and Electronic Services Department.  Stop by and feed your head!

annescan-vog-red floral


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