PEEP THIS…Versailles, the palace on wheels

As seen in World of Interiors, Oct. 2013 issue, if you happen to be in Paris riding any one of the country’s five commuter rail networks expect an interior upgrade of luxurious splendor.  Parisian commuter rails have undergone a renovation. A renovation fashioned after and befitting royalty – the palace of Versailles.

The palace of Versailles’ rolling architectural and design history drapes the walls and ceiling of drape the walls of typically drab, mundance rail cars.  Riders for a moment in time at least can enjoy a window seat in Louis XVI’s library, read the daily paper in Marie Antoinette’s bedroom, fall asleep under the arbor of the Petit Trianon’s arbors.

Train interior replicates Charles X’s coronation coach
Train interior replicates Louis XVI’s library.
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