Back to School

Here in the library at FIT, we are all holding our breath for the return of the folks who make us the answerers of questions that we are: the students.

I’ve noticed more people on the streets in the city.  I’ve noticed more couples walking hand in hand, or spread out with a few steps between them.  People are returning to NYC to pick up their autumn work loads.  And this means FIT students are coming back!

We’ve got some programs coming up to help introduce folks to the library.  Student ambassadors have been giving tours all summer to prospective students and their parents.  Next week is New Student Orientation Week.  The Library will be a part of the Student Success Fair which will be between the A & B Buildings (New names?) next Monday, August 19th.  Please stop by the Gladys Marcus Library’s booth to meet the librarians and get some good information about the many ways the library can help students.

So what does “going back to school” mean to you?  New bookbags?  New art supplies?  New clothes?  New pencils and notebooks?

New boots for fall?  These last couple years have been great boots years.  This look on the cover of this week’s FN goes great with these boots.



I thought it would be fun to do a quick scan of a few FIT Library resources for inspiration about these and other creative topics, like workspace.



In the current issue of Dwell, the writers interview designers to ask them how they design their own studio spaces.  This could inspire those of you moving into smaller NYC spaces, like dorms or apartments.




The Periodicals & Electronic Services department (PERS) welcomes you and has lots of great materials to spark your creativity.  If you’re looking for ideas for women’s clothing, here are a few Fall-focused titles:


Paper is a New York institution.  Forward-looking and a bit of an insider title, ask for it at the desk.

Essence, one of our Display titles, is a classic.  We have most issues of this title going back to 1970.




For the gentlemen, we have many options as well.



TeenVogue covers trends for both young men and young women.  This issue just happens to feature the band One Direction, dressed in their hippest.





Men’s Non-No is a Japanese title for young men, featuring popular Asian street fashion.  We have magazines from all over the world, chosen to highlight the different markets and customers of the global fashion economy.



But for some of you, the new school year is more about raw materials and inspiration.  The PERS unit doesn’t have much to offer you in the way of materials, but we have lots of inspiration, no matter what your major.  Whether your a fine art major, illustration, interiors or home products, or determined to break out in the worlds of fashion or computer animation, we’ve got visuals to inspire and stir you!









For those of you who think fall means new pigments and brushes, we subscribe to lots of art world titles, including the classics like ARTNews, ArtForum, American Artist and Art + Auction.

Finally, for those of you who pull your palettes out of the ether, we offer Computer Graphics World and Animation for you to feed your head.  Please come visit once you get unpacked!


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