PEEP THIS…Sistine Chapel wants to suction it all away

Millions have visited with millions more on the horizon. So how to prevent the built up of human humus and environmental mire reeking havoc on priceless one-of-a-kind artistic treasures?

As featured in ARTNews April 2013 issue the Vatican plans to better preserve the great works of the Sistine Chapel. Years of grit, grime, dust and carbon dioxide takes its toil on the precious works housed within. How to solve the problem of harmful particles? Install a new air conditioning system, a 330 foot carpet to remove dirt from underfoot, plus an additional measure to be employed…suction fans! The suction fans will do just that,  extract dust and fibers from clothing. Sounds like a machine the Jetson’s would use.


2 responses to “PEEP THIS…Sistine Chapel wants to suction it all away”

  1. Freya Avatar

    The new air-conditioning and the suction fans sound like a great idea. I agree that the million visitors will do no good to this fabulous art but on the other hand I can understand everybody wants to see these great works. I was lucky enough to visit the Sistine Chapel once during an early entrance tour and I was really impressed by Michelangelo’s masterpiece.

  2. Gifari Avatar

    Hmm this is nice but if i think this will reduce the beatifull aritistic of this building . Well nice information