Gone are the days of ornate architecture with its intricate masonry and delicate wood work.  For many an urban dweller it’s  a “Stack’em Shack” (translation apartment building) existence.  For the suburbanite you have your home with a plot of land. World of Interiors, March 2013 issue featured an eye-catching architectural delight.

PEEP THIS…a decaying domicile in upstateNew York, the Dr. Oliver Bronson House.  This decaying beauty shares the same acreage as a prison…the Hudson Correctional Facility to be exact.  The oval staircase shot entranced me, along with another staircase image…do you see the number 2?  Bronson House restoration plans are underway to restore this once beautiful edifice to it’s original splendor. In 2003 the home was issued landmark status.


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  1. Dan says:

    There are lots of modern designs that are really attractive.

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