NOT the Roman’s version of the Celts…

Welcome back to school, everyone!  We’re glad to have you back, and we’ve been thinking about and writing new posts for you, and subscribing to cool new materials just to help you out.

Just to get you started, I’m posting this archaeological gem about the Celts!  So put away your notions of Hansel & Gretel redone, or Kiera Knightly as Guinivere.  There *were* real Celtic princesses, and they didn’t wear corsets!

As you always suspected, the Romans’ version of things was a bit biased.  So when they said all those nasty things about the Celts (who then lived in what is now upper Germany), maybe it was because they were a little, tiny bit afraid?  Hmm.

Isn’t it nice that archaeology always comes down to the jewelry?



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  1. Gifari says:

    Nice roman version i will try take a look and if it’s good i think. Nice share thanks

  2. Roman version is really very amazing. I obtain a lot of knowledge after visit at this blog. Thanks for sharing and discussing this topic with us. It is really appreciable.

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