Get Your Store Online With WordPress And Start Making Money With Your Dream

Do you want to sell clothing, shoes, jewelry or anything you can make or sell online? Learn how to use WooCommerce, the leading WordPress plugin which creates online stores, to build your own store. In this hands-on class you will build your eCommerce site to sell any kind of product. Find your theme that is suitable for WooCommerce. Learn how to add and manage your products, complete orders and understand reports. Set up a payment gateway. Set shipping and tax preferences. Learn which plugins are needed to safely and smartly run your online store. This class is taught by Bud […]

Bidding for Services Online

Well, I finally have a teensy bit of confirmation (one case history) about my theory that all those cheap websites offering marketing solutions aren’t always worth it.  An entrepreneur I know went to a bidding site for logos.  He went three times.  The first two times he got back garbage – or results that were unusable and totally unsalvageable.  The third time was a charm – he was happy with the logo he received and is going to register it as his trademark.  The whole process cost him some time (close to three months in total) and some money (he […]

Making a Profit Online

Art: you make it, you sell it. It’s not a well-loved mantra in creative circles or in art school hallways, but in order to live as an artist you have to survive. At the very least, one should be able to cover expenses and yield some profit. How is this done in a competitive marketplace where gallery space is limited and visibility is key? Increasingly, artists are using online platforms to gain visibility and even sell their work. From Etsy to Saatchi Online, these platforms offer artists a way to network, promote, sell, and gain momentum as entrepreneurs with very […]