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Instructor Spotlight: Sandra Holtzman

Sandra Holtzman, Chief Marketing Strategist

  • Owns Marketing Cures, a strategic marketing company
  • Instructor at FIT

Sandra Holtzman is an award-winning copywriter and marketing strategist. She has started four companies, including Marketing Cures, LLC, a boutique marketing company which just celebrated its 22nd anniversary and a medical device company. Her customer-focused marketing research strategies have helped companies, from start-ups to larger brands, improve their returns-on-investment from 60%-1,000%.

She shares her marketing and entrepreneurial expertise as an adjunct professor at FIT, at The City of New York and the Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship in NJ-Fast Trac, at NYU- Campaign 1 in the Masters in Integrated Marketing program, and at Baruch College-Social Media Marketing.

Her book, Lies Start-ups Tell Themselves to Avoid Marketing, helps start-ups understand 10 simple do’s and don’ts that are essential to making their start-up successful. Her articles in the NY Law Journal, The Latest Fashion in Fashion Patents, and A Tale of How Successfully Raising Capital Leads to Bankruptcy, can be accessed online. Her blog provides useful information for business owners.