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There’s nothing like a little PR.  As MasterCard says, it’s priceless.  It’s especially important for those of us in an industry like image consulting, where advertising is not generally regarded as the most effective medium to get the world out.  I guess that’s because image consulting is such a transformational – not to mention – visual experience that advertising copy hardly seems to do it justice.  Also, it’s one of those services that people seek  referrals from a trusted friend or hears about by way of word-of-mouth buzz.  Like your doctor or dentist, it’s hard to imagine picking your image consultant from an ad in the yellow pages!

When anyone from the image consultant gets mentioned in the press, it’s not only good for the person it’s good for the industry!  I know it’s hard to believe, but image consulting is still a young and growing profession. The more that Image Consultants are ‘in the news;’  the more visibility the industry has; and the more people realize this isn’t just a service that’s for rich and/or famous. This is a good thing.

With that in mind, I encourage you to share your press mentions with me so I can share them with others.  In the interim, I’m thrilled to share a recent press mention of mine from the Wall Street Journal.  While I only have one mention, I am quoted with the likes of Lloyd Boston, Stacey London, and Nanette Lepore.   Now, that’s what I call being in good company!  Enjoy.



Ace the School Reunion

Avoid Being Branded The Class Clown; Clothes That Work For Night, Day, Facebook, Too

Read the WSJ article.




Carol Davidson teaches SXF 810: Color for Wardrobe Planning, SXI 100: Introduction to Image Consulting, SXI 110: Image Consulting Confidential.

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  1. Congratulations Carol, how nice to see your name in the WSJ.
    And how nice to see the Journal recognizing the art and science of Image Consulting as a relevant service and career sector!

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