Tigers hold court at the National Tennis Center

Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova, and Billie Jean King made their reputations there, but they weren’t studying fashion design, fashion merchandising or jewelry design at the same time.  FIT women, competing at the national Division 3 championship, have scored second in the nation. The tournament, held at the National Tennis Center on October 22, also awarded its first sportsmanship trophy to an FIT student.

“The fact is, you can combine intellectuality with athletics,” says proud coach and communications design instructor Lynn Cabot-Puro.

Members of the Division 3 tennis team became National All-Americans and one, “Kiki” Keerthana Sivaramakrishnan, received the National Coaches’ Sportsmanship Award, given for the first time.

“They’re a dream team. They’re good at sports, they have a passion for the game and they play to win,” said Puro, FIT’s consecutive three-time Coach of the Year.

Fernanda DeSouza

Says Puro, “There were many exciting moments for the players — to play at the same venue that Sharapova, Federer and Nadal played on — not to mention Billie Jean King.” Of the seven players on the team, two are studying jewelry design, another fashion design, and three are fashion merchandising and marketing majors.

What about Serena Williams and her fashion line? Bet that the FIT players would win that competition too.

“By the way,” says Puro “we’re going for number one next time.”

Photos: Courtesy of FIT Athletics & Recreation

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3 Responses to Tigers hold court at the National Tennis Center

  1. Suzanne Anoushian says:

    Go Team FIT and Coach Puro!!

  2. Nancy Bohnhorst says:

    Congratulations to FITNYC Women’s 2013 Tennis Team & Coach Lynn & Assistant Vernon.

  3. aqueela says:

    congratulations to all players that won the match. really this is the so amazing. thanks for posting this.

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