Mark Lesseraux’s blend of pop, rock, blues and everything in between

The news and culture website Interrobang, has lavished praise on FIT’s own Mark Lesseraux and his second solo CD “Transmissions 2003-2012”:

“Mark Lesseraux has been one of the best kept secrets in music for the better part of a decade. An outstanding singer, lyricist and musician, Mark’s off-kilter blend of pop, rock, blues and everything in between has made him a mainstay on the New York independent music scene.”


Mark Lesseraux

Talent gets spread around pretty thick at FIT, and among staff there’s no exception.  By day, Lesseraux is the School of Art & Design’s technician and model coordinator. During what he calls his “batman hours,” he writes and records  at a studio in the Bronx. On his latest CD he sings, plays percussion, guitar and keyboard.

“It’s quite good to be alive/In these tough confusing times/Cuz they’re the times with you and I/Look around you and you’ll see the signs/Of a compassionate design/Underneath the grit and grind”

from “”It’s Quite Good to Be Alive”

"Transmissions 2003-2012" Mark Lesseraux's new CD

“It has something for everyone,” say the writers at Interrobang.

“Transmissions is a perfect entry in the brilliant mind of Mark Lesseraux,” they conclude.

Lesseraux will be performing songs from his new CD at Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan on September 9th at 8 p.m. For more information go to:

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