Fashion illustrators meet-up @ the Society of Illustrators

On May 21 at the Society of Illustrators, FIT Illustration profs. Bil Donovan, John Jay Cabuay and Carlos Aponte went on a motion-filled painting and drawing spree and provided commentary of their work. As an engaged audience of fellow FIT faculty, students from FIT, Parsons and SUV, as well as curious fashionistas looked on, the artists employed an array of formats and techniques capturing the “looks” of three live fashion models.

Bil Dononvan
Donovan talked about his unique combinations of inks and gouaches used for special effects. “A myriad of techniques flew from his fingers,” says FIT faculty member Karen Santry. “He used various drawing tools and unorthodox techniques that created stunning results…He painted and drew, switching instruments and brushes to the awe of the audience.”
FIT Illustration professors John Jay Cabuay & Carlos Aponte
Attendees walked amongst the illustrators, eyeing the models as they took fabulous poses. John Jay Cabuay drew on tinted paper at astonishing speed emphasizing shapes and textures. He used an exacto blade to cut from a board bought at Ikea a template matching the skirt of his drawing. He reached for a printmaking brayer and loaded it with a textural light dark grey that had a striated effect. He rolled it over the dress and quickly removed the template. He went on the make more templates for the shadow of the face, embellishing the hair texture, adding red lips and combining the models high heels as a single shape.
finished work
Carlos Aponte used a technique he is known for and difficult to master. He also used an exacto to refine shapes and areas. “Carlos Aponte was delivering at warp speed drawing with tape,” said Santry.
Director, Society of Illustrators, Anelle Miller, President, Society of Illustrators, Dennis Dittrich & FIT's Karen Santry
“It was a wonderful afternoon,” said Santry. I counted 32 FIT grads’ cards who were doing very well in the field of fashion illustration. This was one of the most favorite afternoons of my life! We were so happy to see these talented artists create such amazing art so fast and to pour forth such knowledge, information and inspiration!”

The Society of Illustrators is located at: 128 East 63rd Street; Tel: 212- 838-2560,

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