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Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome back to FIT, where the library is open (shorter hours)!

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This week’s Mag of the Week is Self, just in time for them to cease publishing in a print format. The publisher, Conde Nast, announced December 2 that after the February 2017 issue, Self will be an online-only entity. They have left the door open for occasional print special issues, though.


The cool thing is that the fitness-focused title, which has taken heat over the years for it’s subtext of “you’re not thin enough” has chosen a curvy model for their last cover.


This title was founded in 1979 by Phyllis Starr Wilson, during the rise of today’s culture of health and fitness.






Wilson tied the passion behind the magazine into the rise of feminism and linked health with confidence, physical strength with professionalism, as seen in her introductory editorial letter,

“An extraordinary spirit and energy are emerging in women today. Fitness is the fuel. We have acquired a strong appetite for the full experience of life—the exhilaration of the outdoors, the challenge and success of professional work, the honest enjoyment of sex. Self will be a guide to the vitality we need to do all the things we want to do.”






The magazine grew quickly, but hit doldrums as other women’s magazines shifted focus to include fitness issues.  Various editors changed strategies towards more realistic images of women in natural settings, but the criticism that “healthy=thin” has remained in the background throughout its publishing history. Nonetheless, the title brought a fresh outlook on women’s agency and lifestyle to a magazine industry that still (see this post) equates womanhood with fashion and cooking. It’s also one of the earliest magazines we have that illustrates women’s activewear.





You can take a look here at all the titles we have that address issues of food and health:


We wish you a healthy and happy New Year 2017!

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My fashion isn’t

This image of the exhibition, “Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1950” belongs to the Victoria & Albert Museum, since it was taken by an in-house photographer for the museum.

FIT lives at the intersection of art and business, and of preservation vs. use. One topic that is crucial to each of these questions is, “Who owns the rights to that?” I’m thankful to say that our sister institution, the Victoria & Albert Museum, has come up with some guidelines to address these questions:

(I would normally put a gorgeous image from the Berg Fashion Library here to illustrate my point, but it wouldn’t really be legal, so you’ll have to click through here. But you can only use BFL if you are an FIT student, staff or faculty person.)

In the study of fashion, images are a central resource. Our resource, the Berg Fashion Library (part of Bloomsbury Fashion Central), provides a huge library of images for students and faculty to work from.

You can find out a lot more about how to find good images for your inspiration or other research here:

This issue of “who gets credit for what?” is such an important part of creative, business, and scholarly life that we have a research guide about it:

Go make fashion and own it! And happy 2017!


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Magazine of the Week

Hi, everyone! Happy New Year!

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We know how hard you’ve worked to make the holidays happen for your and your family. So this week, we celebrate your nesting instincts and your wanderlust.

In 2007, the former version of the title Interiors, published by Conde Nast, ceased publishing. But the title was too good to pass up. Shortly after that, TS Media, a Chicago-based company, purchased the name. The current version was launched in February 2008.


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Interiors is published 6x/year, and prides itself on being the only magazine designed specifically for the interior design trade (as opposed to consumer oriented). Whether or not that’s to-the-trade is their best selling market, the publishers boast of their photography style and magazine layout, allowing the reader to “experience design, not merely observe it”.

(This to our left is a baroque library, not a new installation, so definitely the title includes inspirational features, too.)






This all sounds a bit pretentious, it’s true, but this magazine is sort of a cross between Domus, the Italian design title, and World of Interiors, the British rich-people’s-homes glossy. Interiors is full of to-the-trade ads, and gorgeous visuals of newly-done spaces, but a bit more intellectual than, say, Elle Decor or Interior Design.



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These visuals make this a gorgeous magazine, with images useful for mood boards, inspiration maps, and interior design research.

You can take a look at all our “shelter” titles here:

May your new year contain many happy and attractive adventures!



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