Time Out for Station Identification

We would like to apologize for the technical difficulties we’ve been suffering this past week. We will shortly be back with more of our usual content, like MoWs and Needles in the Stacks. But for now, we just wanted to remind you (yeah, I know, late) that you, Dear Readers, are our Valentines! (And that fashion and music have always gone hand in hand.)

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!


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Do you #bookface?

Hi, everyone!

We’ve begun a new tradition at the beginning of each semester:

Having some concern for the ideas of fashion, artists, makeup, and dress, we have some pretty good books for this game. Come join us!

This tradition has a tiny, but illustrious, history.

Hit us with your best shot!

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Coloraboration with your library

Color is a central piece in any kind of design. We have tons of resources to help you choose and apply color, so here’s a workshop to get you started:


Come check it out!

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