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Hi, everyone. Welcome to World AIDS Day! This topic, and your health, are near and dear to our hearts. Many of the teachers at FIT a generation ago died of this disease, and the garment center was decimated by it. In the 1980s, the U.S. government denied the existence of this epidemic, thereby prolonging the worst of it here in NYC and other places. But now the White House and the government provide this web site/clearing house for information on the disease and how to prevent it. (The United Kingdom has a cooler website on the day, too.)

The FIT Health Center also works for your health in related ways. Did you know that they offer free HIV testing on Fridays, from 11am to 3pm? (until 12/16/2016. Next semester TBA) All you have to do is stop by A402 or call them at 212-217-4190 for more information. They are working with the library to promote awareness of the Health Center in general and this day especially.


World AIDS day word search puzzle


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Magazine of the Week

Hi, everyone! I hope you had a restful holiday!


As we have mentioned before, we are the fortunate recipients of a regular gift from the publisher Publicitas. This is the company that distributes the foreign editions of Elle throughout the world. There are 40 ELLE titles worldwide, and we subscribe to eight of these: Elle China, Elle France, Elle Italia, Elle Korea, pictured above, Elle Spain, Elle Russia, Elle Ukraine, Elle UK, and Elle US.



In addition, thanks to the generosity of Publicitas, we get an additional eight more foreign titles regularly enough that we have added them to our “International Women’s Wear” browsing collection in the Open Stacks. These titles are Elle Denmark, Elle Hong Kong, Elle Mexico, Elle Netherlands, Elle Portugal, Elle Singapore, Elle Sweden, and Elle Turkey.








No one in our department reads Korean, but a flip through the magazine shows that most of the ads and nearly all of the editorial use Asian models. What’s interesting is that there seems to be some coverage of menswear in this title, as you can see by the image above.







Like it’s American counterpart, Elle Korea appears to continue the tradition of interviewing current artists about their work, as seen here.

Come up (to the 6th floor) and take a look!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Mounted hunters flushing out turkey and chicks, c. 1875 Smithsonian National Anthropological Archives
Mounted hunters flushing out turkey and chicks, c. 1875 Smithsonian National Anthropological Archives

Hi, everybody!

We just want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving holiday! There are lots of sites that can give you the history of the holiday in depth, so we’re just going to leave you with some evocative pictures instead.

WAVES stationed at U.S. Naval Training School in the Bronx, c. 1942-45
WAVES stationed at U.S. Naval Training School in the Bronx, c. 1942-45

Thanksgiving is a holiday where Americans traditionally (i.e. from 1863 on) sit down together and share a big meal while being thankful that we have food to eat, family and friends, and a decent place to live. As the nuclear family has changed, this holiday is often celebrated with friends or colleagues (“family of choice”) as with the WAVES depicted above. During tough times like WWII, or recessions, or just when far away at college, people couldn’t/can’t always get home to their families.



These three great images all came from Artstor, which is making good on it’s plan to become the largest digital repository of images from art, science, archaeological, and many other institutions throughout the world. This is one of many databases available to you as a student at FIT.






Thanksgiving is the America holiday celebrated most often with pie. This typically American dessert got the royal treatment in the recent Martha Stewart Living. The cover image is so lovely that we hope it will encourage your Thanksgiving baking to new and tastier heights! Have a wonderful holiday, whoever you share it with!

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