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Welcome back for a new Mag of the Week!

Vog coll.0914We have recently added this Vogue title, which looks at the runway fashion shows in four of the world’s great fashion cities.   It might get lost in the shuffle because we have so many Vogue titles, we wanted to remind you about it.

Here is their website:

And here is where to look up other new titles we have in PERS:

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Magazine of the Week

This week we have an oldie but a goodie.  From the streets of Manhattan, here is the downtown magazine that introduced Bill Cunningham to the fashionista world.  The library has a complete run of this title.

mowdetails.0907Although it was converted to a menswear magazine in the late 1990s, it continues to be a fashionable alternative to the better-known GQ and Esquire.

Here us their website:

And here is the listing of other new magazine subscriptions in PERS:

See you soon!

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Transition lights


This great layout from Vogue magazine from February 15, 1934 allows me to highlight some super things about our collections here at the FIT Library.

The Gladys Marcus Library specializes in feeding the designer’s mind.  We focus most on clothing and textiles, but we also have universal design, toy design, interior design, and fine arts programs.  We maintain collections like these old Vogues for students to flip through when they’re feeling drained of ideas.

annescan-vog flags

Students from our two largest programs, Fashion Business Management and Fashion Design, might be interested in this page.  The design elements (prints, lanterns, flags) make the article interesting to fashion designers looking for inspiration.  The display highlights seasonal fabrics and vendor names, indicating that this layout is pitched to fashion professionals as well as ladies who will have their clothes made at home.  Advertising & Communication majors have assignments designed to teach the difference between trade ads and consumer ads and editorial like this.


The graphic design of lanterns and flags is an eye-catching way to display the prints and woven textures, offering potential inspiration to graphic designers and textile stylists.



We’ve got something for everyone in the Periodicals and Electronic Services Department.  Stop by and feed your head!

annescan-vog-red floral


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Magazine of the Week!

Since “Volumes & Issues” has begun to attract more followers, we are working to give you more content.  Starting this week, we will post a Magazine of the Week every Monday morning.  We have so many cool magazines in PERS!  We want to encourage you to dive into our collection and see new things.

This week’s MoW is a new one.  We recently subscribed to this title:

mowdujour.0824Come up to the 6th floor of the library and take a look!  Of course they have a website:

You can see other new titles we’re subscribing to here:

And Librarian Helen Lane takes lots of pictures from our new books here:

Welcome back!

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Gone Swimming…

beachIt’s been hot here in NYC, and people in the library have taken turns going on vacation.  (Including me, which is why we skipped a post.)   Some people have been staycationing here in the city, a few others have traveled overseas, but a lot of us are heading to the beach.  To celebrate the lazy days of summer, we thought it would be fun to look through swim suits in our magazines.




Here’s a young woman’s suit from the 1940s:  It’s got the South American influence that was popular in the late ’30s-early ’40s.  This is a pic from May, 1944, Glamour magazine.











This hot pink number is from Glamour magazine, June 1946.  For the 1940s, this two-piece suit was pretty daring.











European ideas about the body were always a bit less conservative.  This glamour-girl layout is from L’Officiel de la Couture, June 1953.





frel 60bsuits







By the 1960s, two-piece suits had gotten barer and more common.   People think of the 1960s as “everything goes” and in swimsuits that’s right on.  These two suits from French Elle’s June 8, 1966 edition are very different from each other, but both look completely contemporary.




vog swim







These colorful suits are from the Vogue UK, May 1970 issue.  Definitely signs of the geometric influence of the time’s graphic design.





Glamour beau sol ad 1986




Glamour Mens and Women Swim 1986









The suntan oil ad above from (June 1986) is daringly bare, to hint at the product’s supposed Caribbean origins. Remember before we knew about skin cancer and all laid out using baby oil and iodine?  The model’s deep tan looks strange now.

But the 1980s were a heyday of wild prints and the one-piece suit, as seen in the editorial pages of the same issue of Glamour below.




vbbeachThis 1990s image from Vibe magazine sums up what we hope you are up to this weekend.  Enjoy the end of summer, hang out with friends, and come back to school soon!

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