Magazine of the Week

Welcome back, folks!

hali cvr

This title is a pretty one, with lots of inspiration inside. The title was formed by a group of collectors of non-fashion-related textiles and oriental rugs. It has grown into a central information place for collectors, curators, and researchers of related topics.

hali shah1

But what’s really satisfying about Hali are the exquisite, closeup photos of amazing textiles from all throughout time and all over the world. Even if you don’t care about textile design, these images are delicious and inspiring. Like this shah’s tent.

hali chintz


Or this 18th century Indian chintz imported to the US by Dutch traders.



hali indonesian



Or this Indonesian textile used to cover the coffin during the burial of King Umbu Hunga Meha of Karera in 2015.

Come take a look!


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Magazine of the Week

Hi, everyone!

french cvr

This is a new, funky title that we received in some of the gifts we take into our collection. We don’t have a subscription to it, but issues can be found in the Open Stacks: International Fashion Magazine Collection up in PERS.

french pool


It’s very glossy (old school) with a focus on lush photography and new music and media culture. It’s published in (where else?) Paris. If you have extra copies, please donate them!

french bike



Come and see!



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Summer dressing, reprise

Hi, all!

We’re busy getting the library ready for the students in the fall, so the next couple of posts will be from the archive. We hope this gives you a chance to catch up on stuff you missed.

This one is the first long posts I put up, way back in 2012. I hope you enjoy it!

tnc boat




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