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  1. Reader says:

    You might want to spell out what “PERS” and “RIS” mean. I have no idea what they are. I assume the former has something to do with periodicals.

    • Beth says:

      Hmmm, the problem is that they are acronyms for really long department names. “RIS” is “Research & Instructional Services” and “PERS” is “Periodicals & Electronic Resources Services”. Please don’t make me type and retype that every time! But I’ll see about putting the acronyms with their full names somewhere in our descriptions. And hurrah that we have more readers than just the ones who know the FIT Library!

      • Reader says:

        Actually, I’m a non-degree student who has taken evening classes at FIT for years and I even had a class that required significant library research. I use the library fairly often. But I’d never heard of those acronyms. I am certain the average FIT student does not know what they mean. I’ve met some students who didn’t even know their teachers’ names.

        As a former journalist, I was always taught to spell out acronyms and initialisms on first reference for reader clarity. There are text-expansion apps and auto-correct functions that will do the heavy lifting. I like PhraseExpress. The Mac is supposed to have a good native text-expander app.

        Thanks for the blog posts.

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