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This week’s title is one of my favorite of our recent acquisitions. Although it is published in print 2x/year in London, the title has a pan-European focus. The publishers, who are passionate about the art forms of fashion journalism and illustration, were moved to put together a print form that would present both, to offset the concentration of runway reporting and photography that currently dominates the fashion press.


“DASH introduces a surprising visual experience by showcasing fashion art and not shying away from an unconventional approach, fresh and modern. The primary aim is to provide a unique aesthetic experience for visually aware and fashion conscious people in a print medium distributed worldwide.”








The thing I like about this title is that it covers fashion, but as an art form, not a commodity, and not as research for a business. It engages with the artistic aspects of what people wear and how people depict what people wear. This makes it a bunch more inspiring and fresh than the average glossy.





This coverage includes the idea of clothing worn by “ordinary” people, as opposed to highly paid walking mannequins and socialites. It also covers a lot of gallery shows where the objects are fashion related. I don’t know about your media consumption, but I would have to dig a lot deeper than I have so far in order to find this information and these artists.





“In line with our design philosophy, we present a marriage between information, individuality and unique aesthetics.”

This title stretched my creative brain a bit. Which is something I want to happen often. Bravo!

Come up and take a look!

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