BARKinistas Unleashed: Meet the Designers

Here is our second BARKinistas Unleashed 2012 Pet Fashion Designer interview!

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Coty Farkas, Creative director, designer extraordinaire, founder and owner of Doggy & Me & Cotyageous Designs.
Entrepreneur, Coty , lifestyle designer and artistic director brings over 20 years of  experience in fashion, interior and beauty industry organizing fashion shows, designing, marketing,  production, trade show representation and booth designing, event planning for profit and non-profit organizations, and selling to the wholesale and retail markets.

More than a faux paw! Doggy & Me designs are matching fashion accessories for owners and their Furry love children.  The first collection is called Circolo de Luna, in Spanish and Italian this mean” circle moon” or” full moon”. Creativity, love and passion are ignited by the sun’s energizing  the full moon.  By adorning our pups In   jewelled feather harnesses, collars with matching leashes, bracelets, anklets, and other fashionable accessories, sporting brilliant vivid colours like; passionate red,(healing hearts) sunny yellow gold,  the purity of whites( both giving inspiration), and cool blues( rejuvenating the whole body mind and soul). Doggy and Me fashions have a spiritual quality .Wearing these creations energizes both owner and pets. Reminding us that anything and everything is possible, howling with  joy , embracing a child like fun and unconditional love that we have for our furry life partners.
In this  new age of consciousness   Tribe, Candy and Gypsy, Ice Queen and, Cirque   are  all part of Doggy& Me’s 2012” Circolo de Luna collection “ Look for  them!

Where can you find these masterpieces?
Certainly not in Target, Pet Smart, or Osh Gosh but rather in high end speciality shops, worldwide, high end e-commerce sites, airports, hotel gift shops. From Toronto, London, Paris, Budapest, Hong Kong, New York, Hawaii, Doggy & Me will be EVERYWHERE!!

Coty Farkas  coty farkas

Doggy inspiration was born in 2007. With years of research and perfecting every aspect of the business, finding just the right materials, and manufacturers Doggy & Me  launches in the great year of 2012.

All animals should be cherished and adorned. My wish for animal parents is to feel the same excitement and pride I feel every time my feline princess strut’s her fancy collars and jewels, with her demur stride and hunched up back, I know she’s thinking she’s the bombe. Not only do I want all pets to feel special but, when the owner are walking with them, I want them to feel the same sense of exhilaration wearing my designs.
All my designed items are energized and blessed to bring happiness joy love and positive energy to the ones wearing them.

Experience in the Pet Fashion Design and Marketing certificate program:
I started the pet product and marketing certificate program in summer of 2011. The courses have been exceptional, in giving me the confidence, resources and know how to make my dreams a reality, accomplishing my goals, giving me the right tools to finally bring my products to market! My instructor Kris Lynch in running her own successful pet industry business ( Ruff- Doggie) has been instrumental in teaching all her students what to do and what not to do when running  their own pet  business. I am still taking the classes, however thanks to FIT and my associations from there. I feel fully confident to launch my business now!

coty farkas

BARKinistas Unleashed is free and open to the public, however you need a ticket to enter. Tickets are no longer available.

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