A Fashionista Goes Green

Just read “Do One Green Thing” by Mindy Pennybacker.  Here’s the advice she gave, “If every fashionista chose one organic cotton t-shirt instead of a non-organic one, we would keep 250,000 tons of chemicals our of our air, water and soil. Cotton, the most popular natural fiber, is the third most pesticide-doused crop in the U.S.  However, a certified organic cotton t-shirt, is grown free of the one-third pound of agricultural chemicals expended on each regular t-shirt.”

Mindy also advised, “One way to Go Green is buying more vintage clothing and less new clothing.   However, when you do buy something new, ask  if they carry any product made with sustainably produced or recycled fibers.  If your favorite store doesn’t currently offer sustainable materials, your question may help spur them to do so.”

Here are some fun places to shop for vintage or certified organic tees.

Splurge for a Stella McCartney Organic Cloud print T-Shirt exclusively designed for www.net-a-porter.com at the hefty price of $495.

Or how about a more affordable certified organic HessNatur “Out of Order” Tee on sale for only $10.00.  This tee communicates how we need to take care of our planet. Some of the proceeds go to help eradicate poverty in Bangladesh through education. For more certified organic cotton tees visit http://us.hessnatur.com

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