On Greenery

The subject of green is all around us and summers overgrown foliage is a reminder.  I think the news should offer a daily update on green each day.  A bit of verbiage on how green evolves beautifully and lovingly along with our weather, coast to coast, sea to shining sea  would evoke a smile from me every morning.  I would surely turn the news on anxious for the update. As summer days wind down and I get a bit melancholy I close my eyes and take in the smell of the hue known as green.  The lush fresh smell of plant life […]

Fashion Incentives for Technology – AKA FIT?

Is anyone surprised to see new technology being implanted into our fibers, textiles, clothing and accessories? Of course the next step will be placing the chips under our skin, but until then, let’s see how we can find ways to enhance the fashion experience. GPS chips in our pets used to sound crazy too…. A number of years ago, we had a student designing batteries into her custom-made school bags and brief cases to recharge the new hit toy – cell phones. Now we are seeing plug-in dresses and shirts!! We are exposed to the sun much of our commuting […]

Gentlemen’s Vintage Clothing Show and Sale

This looks to be an interesting event! If you go, please let me know how it was.   Interested in Menswear classes? Check out: SXF 325 Men’s Image Consulting with Style SXF 335 Fit, Balance, and Proportion Fundamentals for Men’s Image and Styling SXF 340 Most Iconic Menswear Milestones in Fashion History SXS 330 Fashion Styling for Men