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And sadly, I just found out that I did not get any of my looks into the show. It was a very disappointing moment but at least I know that I am in a group of very talented people who also did not get into the show. There is only a very small number of students who are chosen and many many students are not. I was surprised and happy enough that our critic, Lisa chose my looks for the pre-judging. Everyone has a distinct aesthetic and mine is pretty unusual. For example, I am pretty certain many people would not walk out of their home in what I sometimes dress like – this was today’s outfit!


Finally, I believe this is the end of our time together since I will not have anything to do with the fashion show. I will be watching it from my computer like some of you and I am sure it will be excellent. Bye and thank you for reading!

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  1. Michelle says:

    I’ve enjoyed ever MOMENT of your blog girly : ) and I agree alot of Brilliant Garments were not chosen.

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