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It has been a tough few weeks – working as hard as ever. I have never had such little sleep! Those ruffles really became my life for a while. The finishing of the garments was very time-consuming – linings, facings, bindings and closures are just some of the things that we have to carefully work on. This sleeve took many hours to finish:

Liana Sleeve close up

Luckily the busiest part is mostly over. Yesterday, we showed our garments to Lisa and she chose the looks that would be shown to the judges to be further selected for the fashion show. Everyone in the class had at least one garment chosen, some people including me had two! Take a look at how we did:

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I have been playing with the panoramic feature of the iPhone. I really love it! Here is another one of our judging day:


I was so relieved to have finished my work that while Lisa was looking at our garments, I took a break and met up with my lovely classmates. You can just see the joy in my face from being done! Also, during my time at FIT, these two girls have become lifelong friends of mine and I would just like to thank them for their support and friendship. <3

Me and my friends taking a break

Me and my friends taking a break





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